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P.C.E.A Kambui Church

Youth dancing during year 2012 Annual convention at Kiambururu

PCEA Kambui Presbytery Office year 2012

PCEA Kambui Presbytery Ministers year 2012

Convention Dias

PCEA Kambui Presbytery Dispensary


Ruiru Town Parish

Faith in our believe.
Historical Background

The Kambui Presbytery originates from the inspiration of the missionaries (Gospel Missionary Society – GMS) who came to Kenya in 1899. The Missionaries who came to Kenya were from Britain, America, France and Italy. They regarded their mission as a calling from God to come to Africa to spread the Gospel....

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Our Parishes

The presbytery is composed of 8 parishes and a Nendeni , namely, Kambui Parish, Ruiru Town Parish, Kamiti Parish, Ruiru East Parish ,Murera Parish, Ebenezer Parish, Kiambururu Parish, Kanjai Parish and Zombe Nendeni Area. Kambui Presbytery is in the heart of the early church Missionary station founded ...

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Our Institutions

Kambui PCEA Presbytery consists of various institutions such as PCEA Kambui Girls High School which is a Girl's Boarding High School, Another institution is PCEA Kambui School for the Deaf...    

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